What is Lumos?

Lumos is a range of highly innovative anti-ageing serums created in the UK.

How was Lumos created?

Lumos was created out of the Founders’ frustration at being unable to find anti-ageing products that really worked for them. Too often they were let down by false promises, confused by pseudo-scientific jargon and disappointed by the results.

Lumos is dedicated to offering consumers anti-ageing serums that:

  • contain only top quality, innovative, active ingredients with no additives whatsoever;
  • do not cause allergic reactions;
  • work together over time to give the user the most beautiful skin possible.

You only use two or three ingredients – so your products aren’t particularly advanced?

Quite the contrary: it’s much harder to make a product that contains only two or three active ingredients. Most important of all, we have found the key to creating anti-ageing serums that retain their stability without any preservatives or other additives whatsoever.

But don’t Lumos products then have a very short shelf life?

Not at all: our products have a life of up to 24 months and need to be used within 6 months of opening. Typically a bottle will be consumed within 3 months, so shelf life should not be a problem. We do, however, point out that Lumos products should not be stored above 23 degrees Celsius. This means in particular keeping away from persistent sunlight or other strong lighting.

What about safety? Have they been properly tested?

Yes. Lumos products have been extensively tested on women in Northern Italy, both in the laboratory and through use by cosmetic dermatologists. In addition every new batch is subjected to patch testing by the manufacturer.

You only talk about serums. Why is that?

We will only produce serums because we don’t believe that creams can ever be as effective. This is for two reasons: first because creams are thicker and thus less easily absorbed. Secondly, it is very difficult for the user to avoid touching the cream in its storage medium; so creams cannot be made without preservatives to combat the potential contamination.

You mention the hydrating effect of your products. Does this mean I don’t need to use a moisturiser?

Lumos two contains hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin to attract and retain moisture. Most of our customers to date say that as a result they don’t need to use moisturiser. However, a minority of people will still need to do so, particularly those who suffer from very dry skin.

What about cleansers and toners?

Cleansers and toners can still be used in the normal way prior to applying Lumos products.

What if I have unusually oily skin?

Lumos products are excellent for those with oily skin, since they contain no oils themselves and thus do not add to the problem, unlike a number of other skincare products.

Can I use different Lumos products at the same time?

Certainly. Lumos products are totally compatible with each other and work together on different aspects of skin rejuvenation.

What scientific proof of effectiveness have you got?

Our products have been extensively used by our customers in Northern Italy, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

You describe lumos as a cosmeceutical. Does this term have any meaning, and is it scientifically recognised?

“Cosmeceutical” is a recognised term in medical and consumer circles. It describes a product that goes beyond mere cosmetic benefits to the skin and actually brings real, noticeable improvements.

At what age should a woman start using anti-ageing products like lumos?

This depends to some degree on your skin type, but we would suggest that people (not just women) should start using our products typically at around the age of 30.

Lumos one contains collagen: aren’t there negative associations with this ingredient?

This is unique feature of lumos one. Many anti-ageing products containing collagen have disappointed consumers because of the skin’s difficulty in absorbing larger conventional collagen molecules. Lumos has overcome this problem by using a synthetic vegetable-based collagen with smaller modified molecules. This thereby creates soluble collagen that is able to penetrate further and replenish the skin’s own natural supply.

What if I am not happy with my product?

If you are not happy with your product, please contact our customer service team and we will be happy to discuss your order and how we can resolve any issues you have.

If you have any other questions that you would like answered then please email us at info@lumosskincare.com