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“With the Botox backlash still going strong, skin savvy celebrities are looking for a powerful but non injectable way to quickly freshen their skin. The Latest? Lumos One, is a intensive skin plumping serum created to repair extra sensitive post surgery skin with a pure mix of soluble collagen, vitamin B5 and Glycerine. It’s available to buy online now – we’re predicting a sell out.”







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The Best After-Sun Anti-Agers

“If two weeks by the pool has left you feeling more shriveled than a california raisin, rehydrate with these skin saviours.

For your face. Yes its pricey but Lumos Two serum contains the highest grade hyaluronic acid available without prescription. It’ll lock moisture deep down in your skin”




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“Lumos Two : Natures Own Super-Moisturiser” 

“Lumos Two – This serum contains just two ingredients – high grade hyaluronic acid and purified water. Often refered to as natures own super-moisturiser, hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin, giving it its own volume and fullness and helping it to retain water. As you get older these levels diminish, leaving your skin looking saggy and dull. Applying hyaluronic acid topically can help boost moisture levels and plump out skin cells.

The beauty of this product is that it contains the highest levels of hyaluronic acid available available and absorbs up to 1,000 times its own volume of water and you’ll get glowing results.  Skin which is noticeably plumper, brighter and less wrinkled. ”



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Medical Upgrade

Anti-aging serum Lumos is renound for achieving medical grade results. To maximise the benefits use it at bathtime too. ‘Dab double the recommended amount onto the face, neck and decoulletage,’ says Antonia Brann, Lumos Brand Director. ‘Steam from the water can open the pores, doubling the plumping effects. Not only that, it can also help soften dark circles under the eyes,’.





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“Lumos One – This serum contains collagen, Vitamin B5 and glycerine, to aid the skin’s ability to retain water and improve its elasticity. Based on products used in doctors to regenerate skin damaged by burns, dermatitis or other conditions”